Called. Answered.

I felt it pressed on my heart to share a little bit about how I was called by God to pursue full time Ministry.

When I was 17-sitting in chapel at OBU during Super Summer- I felt God tugging on my heart to surrender my life to full time ministry. I didn’t know what that meant or looked like but I said yes after some hesitation, but nothing in my life changed. I continued to live the way I had for the previous 17 years- sometimes worse- I didn’t know what it meant to SURRENDER to the call which made my answer very wavering.

The following 3 years- from 18-21- I was indulging in every kind of sin possible. I didn’t think twice about their lasting implications.

It wasn’t until I was 21 that things changed. I remember sitting in a funeral, preached by a very prominent southern baptist pastor. His point was that the man lying in the casket had a heart for revival; to see the people of God realize the power of God, to show others the love of God. He continued to say that revival doesn’t always start out as a HUGE multi thousand person event. That it starts with 1. And maybe that 1 is in the crowd. I felt his eyes staring through the pit of my soul as he said those words, my heart realizing that, “if no one else, then I”.

I went home after and cried for hours, my heart completely shattered as the reality of death dismantled my psyche. I relived the occurrence in my head till it ate away at me. But in the back of my mind burned the words of the pastor at the funeral. “maybe that one is in this room”. It was like the call I received as seventeen year old was left unanswered for 4 years. God called and called and called and all I gave Him was a busy signal.

So at the foot of my bed, in my multicolored bedroom, I got down and prayed the most sincere prayer I have ever prayed. I simply asked God to make me new. I came into the prayer broken and used by the things of the world and I needed a change, but secondly I prayed that I would be THAT 1. I prayed that He would see favor in ME, not for any purpose other than I wanted to see HIS name glorified to the ends of the earth. And He has answered that prayer over and over again.

Until the day of my death I will be serving God and making disciples of Jesus.

Sean W. Corser

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