Hard circumstances

I heard about a man today, this man was a middle aged man who has just celebrated being married for 10 years. He was college room mates of a man whom we’re partnering with in Maywood, Illinois (just west of Chicago). His story was short and vague but it all made sense to me.

Being married for 1 year is going to be hard let alone 10. I’ve never done it so I can’t speak with experience, but this much I do know.
1. Marriage is a life long covenant to your spouse and God
2. It cannot be broken even by man made laws
3. It is between ONE man and ONE woman

All that aside, I would like to focus on point one. Looking at Biblical covenants you see the Abrahamic covenant and the New Covenant (many more but let’s focus on these two), neither of which, were broken nor ever will be.
But why are divorce rates higher than ever? Why are christians getting divorced too? Sure you could argue the fact of our nation, and church even, falling away from Biblical values (but once again that’s a whole new can of worms).

Here is why I think, christians specifically fall into the sin of divorce and breaking that covenant:

Because they’ve only ever broken them. In my own life I can look at times that I’ve vowed to God, to be better, to give up something, to follow Him better, but yet I don’t follow through on them. It has prepared me, and others, to fall down a path of broken promises, broken commitments, and ultimately broken marriages. The seriousness and hardships of marriage have been romanticized and made glamourous in movies yet the real life versions are difficult.

In those difficult times we must follow in the footsteps of our God, who could have started over with mankind, but He didn’t. He stuck it out, loved and cared for us and is still doing it to this day.

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