Thank you

I can’t express the deep gratitude I have to so many people from so many places. Over the past 3 weeks I have had the opportunity to go to 2 camps, and 1 mission trip (Kyiv Ukraine). I didn’t understand the toll that each trip would take on my body, mind, and heart. Each was so different from the next in it’s struggles and high points.

The biggest toll was from Ukraine to Falls Creek. Not just the travel but so many things were pulling for my energy, attention, and love. I wanted to give everything to everyone involved and thanks be to God that He allowed me to do so. I have never dealt with “jet lag” before in my life, not to mention being sandwiched between Super Summer and Falls Creek. But God supplied me with a SUPER natural source of energy. In all places.

I had SO many people praying for me and lifting my needs up before God and I’m so thankful. Along with that when I arrived back to the youth that I’ve invested in for 3 years I was lifted up just by being in their presence. It is exactly like what Paul says, that he longs to be with them but he can’t right now. My heart was elated with joy form the instant I walked through the kitchen door and the family and friends that I’ve made at EFBC carried me through the incredible week that it was.



Thank You!

Sean W. Corser

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