Day 2

Day 2, 2:04 pm Munich time,
We had a great and safe flight from Chicago to Munich this morning. We were all clustered in a section and were able to talk and laugh and enjoy time together.
We then had about a 2 hour layover before our flight to Kiev. I’m actually on that plane rightnow and it’s so cool! The majority of the plane does not speak english! There is a large portion of the plane dressed in the yellow and blue of the Sweden national team which is playing in Kiev during the EUFA Euro Cup. They are so passionate and I wish I could talk with them but there is such an evident language barrier.
I’m sitting next to a gentleman who has been reading so I started reading and I hoped and prayed that something amazing might be able to happen, so I glanced over at his book and it was 100% Swedish. (even in saying that I’m limiting God) I have been praying that the Holy Spirit would anoint me, and the team, with the ability to speak and understand Ukrainian but also Swedish.
I’m praying for my team as we fly; that we would take this time to PREPARE ourselves for this mission. We aren’t sitting by any of our team so there are no distractions.
Let me tell you a little bit about our team: Kate (21) and I are the leaders (we’re also meeting 3 others once in Kiev) Jordan is a soon to be Jr. who has a heart for missions and has really dedicated his heart and time for this trip, Kimmie, also a s.t.b. Jr. also has a heart for missions and even through the airports has been wanting to witness to anyone and everyone, Emily is gonna be a Soph. and she has endless energy and even in regular conversations has shown a love for children that will be extremely beneficial in the orphanages, Amanda just graduated and is a natural leader, she has such a strong personality and I can’t wait to see it active on the ground in Ukraine, next is Kasey, she is going to be a Jr. And she is hilarious! The kids, and adults will love having her there and I’m so glad she is a part of this team, lastly is Kate, she is the other intern and she has been an extreme help in all of my lack of experience in flying over seas and she has been a champ, she is getting worn down and I pray God would renew her strength as we serve and love on these people.
In Joel 2 it talks about bringing forth the congregation as a clean offering to the Lord, that we are to tear our hearts (inner change) not just our clothes (outer showing). That’s my job, to present this group as a group clean and pure before God to serve this community and in that I must be cleaned as well. Pray for purification and release of sin so that we might be fully effective in our work here.

I acknowledge that apart from Him I am, and can do NOTHING. For His grace and love is what set my heart ablaze that February evening and He continues to woo me in new ways daily. I’m so thankful for His loving care and plan for my life and I pray I am being a good steward with the resources given to me.

Under His protection and blood,
Sean W. Corser

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