Day 1

Day 1, 3:52 PM,
Today is our travel day! I’m pretty nervous to be honest, but I’m excited more than anything. We’ll be serving in the town of Kyiv and some of the surrounding cities. Our main focus is going into orphanages and working with special needs children that are forgotten about and shunned by their society. There is one that I’ve heard about that is literally hidden in the mountains so the kids are never seen. It breaks my heart and I haven’t even met them before in my life.

Some things that I’ve been thinking about is that there will be a huge language barrier. That is something I have NEVER thought about but it will be an obstacle. We have translators so that makes it better by far! Another thing is that most of the orphanages are for special needs children. So that’s another barrier. For me personally, I’ve never had an apparent passion for these children. But one thing we talked about at super summer was seeing people as souls and not physical beings. They have souls and they are destined to spend eternity in one destination or the other. That RADICALLY changed my perspective of this trip as well as my life.
Back to the language barrier; Joe’s sermon Wednesday was about the power of the Holy Spirit and how it is evident in the church. One of the evidences of it being at work is that some of the disciples were able to speak and understand each man’s native language. That blows my mind and I’ve been praying for that since then. My God is big enough to break the need for translators, to remove the obstacle of verbal communication with special needs kids that are unable to communicate by speaking directly to the inner most being of their soul.
That is the God I serve and the God I love and He loves me. Pray for safety but more importantly that we would do the work that Christ has laid before us to do.

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