A Different View

As we approach the day of Jesus crucifixion, and later His resurrection, I want to look at something I have never quite focused on in all of my experiences with Jesus’ death and resurrection. I hope I do not lose sight of the importance of who this day is focused on and that’s Jesus the messiah.
But, I’d like to look at a different side of it if I may. One that has been brought up recently and is very close to my heart.
On Wednesday I came home to hear that my dog, Truth, of 9 years had passed away suddenly. Truth was in all senses of the word my closest companion. Going through Jr. High and High School I could always talk to her and she would always love me, no matter what. When I heard the news that she had died my heart sank. I went out back and just began to weep uncontrollably. I cried so hard that I almost threw up. I was sick over what just happened.
Truth was my friend and a beloved companion but never once did I sit and listen as Truth taught a lesson about the grace of God, never once did she tell me about how she would cleanse my sin and that she would die for me. I didn’t follow her every step and preach as to what she told me. I wasn’t a follower or a disciple of my ordinary dog, yet why was I so heartbroken?
It made me think of what happened on Good Friday so long ago; the man that the 11 and many more had followed, trusted to be their savior, placed their hope in, believed His promise for redemption, given up their lives work to become His possessions, was taken up on a hill, placed on a tree, and killed. Their hopes must have been shattered. Their expectations of what the Messiah was had just been struck down. How could this be? How could all they knew and hoped for come to such an abrupt end?
Towards the end of Jesus’ ministry you see His disciples petition for Him not to leave their presence, you see that they haven’t fully understood what Jesus meant when He said He would rebuild the temple in 3 days. Due to this misunderstanding you see the reaction; one of heartbreak, disbelief, they didn’t know what to do. So what was their plan of choice? Go back to the upper room. Where Jesus last took them to partake in the last supper. So they went, shut the windows and doors, partially out of fear but could it have been a cleansing of emotions? They went up there heartbroken and seemingly helpless. Their Messiah had just been slain.
You see, that’s just half of the story. The greatest part is seeing the Hope restored to His people with His resurrection. That’s the good news! He is not bound to the grave, death can not hold Him down, He has defeated sin! He Rose and is alive today!
Jesus is our Hope, our Savior, Sacrifice, Our Way, Our Messiah, King, Lord, Redeemer.
Have a great Easter,
God Bless

One thought on “A Different View

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Sean! I’ve been thinking lately about animals and spending time with my roommates’ dog. When I play with him I often think about in Romans 8 where it say “the creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God.” It leads me to think about that we have been given freedom from the curse of sin by Jesus Christ, but the creation is still waiting for us to know who we are, as the sons of God, to liberate all of creation from the curse. Romans 8 also talks about that creation was subjected to the curse through the fall of man, not of their own willingness. Because creation itself was made for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

    -Some thoughts, Dylan

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