Lay down your RIGHTS

Jesus on many occasions calls His followers to give up comfort, life, and possessions, among many other things. All of these are contrary to what the modern church has taught. They tend to shy away from this scriptural truth in favor of a more “acceptable” teaching for it’s members to take in. They take the spiritual meat of the Bible and dilute it to milk for the spiritual babies that roam the church halls week after week. They fear that maybe they will lose numbers if they tell their members to give up all they have worked for and been taught to work hard to accumulate.
Jesus isn’t just asking His followers to give up things, He is asking His followers to give up their rights. In Luke 9 Jesus tells His disciples to “take up your cross and follow me”.
The cross is a symbol of so much more than we will ever be able to explain fully. The cross embodied the sacrifice of all Jesus’ personal rights, not just possessions. He not only took on the form of a man to become like us but He stepped down from His heavenly throne. Both of these were amazing images of the willingness to follow God’s plan and the laying down of His own rights.
So, if Jesus is to be our example (He is) shouldn’t His example of laying down not only His life but His rights be of utmost importance in our christian walk? Matthew 20:28 says that, “Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and lay His life down a ransom for many”. The ultimate sign of a servant is to lay your life down for the one/s you serve. Jesus not only did so with His life, but with His rights as the joint heir to God’s kingdom.

If it’s your pride, your title, your possessions, your home, I could keep going but I’ll stop. Whatever it is, lay it down in service of others.

Love those who hate you. Lay down your life, or rights, for those around you. Serve others today.

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