A “little” mistake with BIG consequences

I have grown up in a family that has loved me, encouraged me, and at times disciplined me. They taught me that hard work pays off, always. They also instilled in me the values and beliefs that I carry today. Don’t steal, lie, cheat, smoke, drink, and many more. I was raised to believe that if you didn’t do it in front of them than it shouldn’t be done.

Many other sources had a great impact on my life, one of which was my Jr. Sunday School teacher, Joe Mckenzie. Joe taught many lessons but the common foundation for each was this, “choices have consequences”. And at the fabric of what my parents and family taught me, or rather told me to stay away from, things like drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco, etc. because those all have consequences if used incorrectly.

I recently read this news story about an 18 year old young man who had been influenced by drugs and alcohol and led police on a high speed chase where he later lost his life after running from the police. After he was shot and killed his family argued that it wasn’t fair for an 18yr old boy to be shot and killed for the crime he committed and they have a valid point. But if he had murdered someone would their argument still be as valid? It’s not my job to weigh the two but I feel as though his support system, whatever that looked like, did him an extreme disservice in his adolescent years. I wish they would’ve taught him that his choices have consequences. To his family this wasn’t a violent crime, possibly deemed as “little”. Well it was accompanied by a consequence, a huge consequence. The young mans life.

This is a very extreme case but it just goes to show the truth that I have been taught; choices, no matter how “big” or “small” always have consequences. So don’t follow in others footsteps. Make good choices so the consequences are positive. Don’t make a little choice that turns out to be a big consequence.

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