Guilt. It can overwhelm us to the point of not wanting to be seen by anyone for an extended amount of time. Guilt is something satan uses to keep christians vulnerable not something God uses to keep you humble. God uses conviction but He always uses it to bring out your potential, whether it be after unsuccessful trials or sin. I believe God always wants to lead us to what’s holy; away from anger, wrath, harsh language, impurity, lust, He wants to lead us away from those things. He guides, convicts, and corrects to get us walking down His perfect path.

We go throw times of conviction which lead sometimes to guilt, it is directed by satan himself to keep you in this lowly unworthy state. It is purely a lie to persuade you that you are not who God says you are. Well, God uses the Holy spirit to convict, not to beat us up or keep us down, but to let us know what is expected. I believe God has high plans for His children, plans that include things far beyond our own comprehension, plans that cannot be accomplished if we are filled with guilt.

Guilt leaves you nearly paralyzed, you feel as though nothing you do will ever be right, so you do not do anything at all. Conviction on the other hand is motivational, God uses it to urge us to strive for better. Guilt is the accusation of being under qualified, unworthy, unable to do what is expected. I recently had a bout with severe guilt of not accomplishing goals set out for myself, it started as conviction until I let satan persuade me. You see, when I become guilty I tend to run from the face of God. It isn’t just me. It started with Adam and Eve in the garden and has progressively become the thing to do when we don’t live up to God’s expectations. The thing is, God will not love us any more or any less, that’s the unconditional love that He has for us. He desires for us to recognize we are in His presence.

I feel like David grasped this idea extremely well in Psalm 139. He explains that no matter where he is, no matter what he’s done God is always there. We run from going before God yet He is always before us waiting to have us cry out to Him for forgiveness.

Therefore the Lord is waiting to show you mercy, 

and is rising up to show you compassion,for the Lord is a just God

-Isaiah 30:18


What a better picture but to know God is patiently waiting for us to acknowledge our shortcomings, not as condemnation, but as encouragement. God’s truth is of Hope, Forgiveness, Redemption, Grace, and Love. It is not of condemnation, guilt, shame.

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