Getting Real

Getting Real

I’m summing up my thoughts days after I read them; some might say that’s a bad idea and maybe it is. For me it seems to give me a clear perspective of what I just read. If I write right after I read I fear I would do so impulsively, where as If I wait, soak in what God has to say to me then I will clearly be able to express the way God spoke through His word to me.

            Over the past few months my daily time in God’s word has gone from a flame down to a lowly ember. I had been extinguished due to sin in my life that I wasn’t able, or wouldn’t, give up. It found its way in before I could even blink an eye, then it began to snowball. It left me asking this question, “How can God be such a big part of my life one month, than so little the next”? I knew all about consistency as a Christian and could probably quote numerous scriptures but it wasn’t until God continued to pour out blessings on my life that I couldn’t let me be the obstacle standing between God’s plan for me.  

            Has God ever blessed you with certain things yet you take them for granted? Maybe your family, friends, jobs, relationships? Well for me I took all those for granted as if they are owed to me. Like my laboring for Christ has EARNED me these “Jesus Credits”. Well it doesn’t. But I also realized that even when I don’t strive for Christ with all that I have He continues to show His faithfulness (2 Tim 2:13) We just observed Christmas, as well as my birthday, which as everyone knows is the time for gifts. Not eternal gifts we all want NOW gifts that can fly or do cool things, right? Well God in His power remained faithful to me to the point of tears, numerous times.

            Here is how it started: In August our youth intern stepped down and left an opening, I began thinking and wondering and hoping and fantasizing what it would be like to be the youth intern at my church, it became such a burden that I wasn’t even able to focus in church. You see I have a heart for youth (some say I still act like one and that’s fine) I love kid’s! I love getting to point them to Christ through all of their dilemmas they encounter through the ages of 12-19. That is a very important time in children’s lives and I credit much of who I am today to people who invested in me during my time as a youth. That’s why I want to do it. As it became a burden to think about I began to give it to the Lord, I began praying that God would open a door so wide that I wouldn’t have another choice but to walk through it, but that if it wasn’t at my church that He would slam the door in my face before I tried to pry it open. (little did I know that God was preparing me to “Go BIG or go HOME”) Over the months that followed I was dealt with financial struggles, sicknesses, sin and many others. In the midst of all that God was there preparing and molding me to travel down the road He paved.    December 11th I told my church that I was going to live my life fully committed to Christ NO MATTER WHAT.

Now focus here. Please focus here, because this is where it goes from good to great! December 11th I went down and told my church of my commitment to Christ, remember that? Well on December 12th I get a call from a youth minister out of the blue to me, but divinely orchestrated by God. He called to ask if I would be interested in an internship! You see, the very next day, it happened the very next day! Last night in youth we spoke about Abraham and Isaac and how God provided something better, how God always provides something better.

            Let me just take this time to say God has taken my life of hopelessness and sorrow and provided me with love, strength, hope, grace and a future. He rained down His blessings on me even while I was faithless. He remained faithful, He will always be faithful. His promises never lie, He always provides something better if you give Him what He asks.


What’s he asking of you today?

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