Isaiah 6

Isaiah 6


            I’ve been reading through Isaiah for a week or so now and I continue to be very blessed by the insight by which Isaiah spoke with. I can’t help but think he was very gifted by the Lord, yes, not only was he a prophet, so clearly he was gifted but maybe even more than that. In the first ten chapters you see an incredible change start to happen. He was a gifted prophet but in chapter six he was in the temple and he saw the Lord seated on His throne! The doorways shook as the seraphim sang out Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God almighty. His immediate reaction is much like how I would react if I saw the face of God. He felt unworthy in His presence and he pointed out all of the reasons he was unworthy stating that he is a man of unclean lips and that he lives among people with unclean lips.

            Isaiah was already deeming himself unworthy of what God was calling him to because the separation due to the sin in his life. Sound familiar? So often we use our sin as a way out of God’s plan for us, or we do feel so unworthy that we think, “God wouldn’t use someone like me”. Ever found yourself saying that? Isaiah did, but here is what God does with our sin and will continue to do to it. Look at what verse seven in chapter six says, “He touched my mouth with it (it being a hot coal) and said: Now that this has touched your lips, your wickedness is removed, and your sin is atoned for.” That’s what God does, from the Old Testament days of sacrifices to atone for sin, to the New Testament days of Jesus being our perfect sacrifice, God atones sin. He makes what is wrong, right and that which is unclean clean. 

            That’s what He did with Isaiah to prepare him for the mission God had for him; he made him clean. Immediately following this atonement God called out “who will I send, who will go for us?” and Isaiah immediately cried out here I am! Send me! He didn’t ask beforehand what was required, where he would be sent, he just exclaimed, “I will go”.

            Maybe you’re sitting here reading this and you feel just like Isaiah, just like many other Christians, that you’re unworthy to be used in the way Isaiah was used. Maybe you’re petitioning that your sin is too big to be a great witness for Christ. Can I tell you something, none of us are worthy and none of us are good, not even one, but through Christ’s sacrifice our sin, past present future has been atoned for! So let’s take it one step at a time just like Isaiah. 1) Confess your sins before God, cry out to Him and tell Him your shortcomings. 2) Accept His atonement, His son Jesus who is the covering of our sin and through Him we are forgiven. 3) Begin to pray for God’s leading in your life. Tell Him that you’re His and that whatever He calls you to that you will go for Him. And then go.

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