The song “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift has been played on my iPod far too many times in the past 2 weeks. Ever since I heard this song being covered by a girl from first baptist Moore it has struck a special chord in my heart. What is it about this song that resonates deep inside me? I think it is the fact of knowing that someone out there has thought (or does think) that meeting me was enchanting, that every time we talk is magical, and that when we’re together sparks fly. Ya ya ya I’m a sap. Fine. Not only did it remind me of the woman that God has placed in my life, and has given me all those experiences with, it also reminded me of God and the way He pursues me. One line of the song says that she hoped He (her crush) would be at her door saying it was enchanting to meet her. She was so caught up in a guy coming to tell her how much he enjoys her, values her, and cherishes her, that she has forgotten the person that has been at her door for forever and possibly has even ignored His knocks. I know I did. God continually tried to get my attention, He would knock and knock and yet I wasn’t ready to answer Him. Finally one day when I was at rock bottom I finally answered that knock and I felt how much God truly loved me, cherished me, and valued me. All this time I had read of God’s love but finally it was real. We stood face to face and His love poured over me and His truth overwhelmed me. Ephesians 1:3 says that He chose us before the foundations of the earth to be blameless… And to share in His inheritance. That is more than enchanting. You see it turned my thinking of God into a relationship not just that of knowing about Him but of loving Him and beginning to spend time getting to be with Him and talk to Him.
• girls and guys: don’t waste so much time on finding a person who “enchants you” because in the end if the attraction is not one based on Christ then the downfall will be tragic. You will have invested more in someone more than what God had for you. You will have focused so much love and attention on a girl or boy when God’s desire was to have all that focus on Himself. Now is that to say He will never give you a boyfriend/girlfriend? I don’t think so. He just wants the praise and focus to be on Him throughout the relationship. He wants you to be Enchanted with Him above all else.

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