Christ like Love

                It’s the header of the chapter segment so I thought fit to steal it. Tonight reading in John 15 I got to a part that never made me take a second glance, in fact, I didn’t take one this time either. But after I read this short chapter I felt that I had glazed over far too much of it. I felt somewhat empty or that I had not done my duty as to examine the words. I prayed after reading it that God show me what I needed, or better yet what He needed me to see. He instantly took me to verses 9-16. That takes us to Christ like love.

                Recently I have wondered why I and the church as a whole haven’t been able to witness and minister to those in need, and with the message this morning by Brother Jordan and the scriptures I read tonight, I feel the Holy Spirit has led me to two conclusions. (1) That we don’t seek after sinners like Christ did. We don’t think about it in our day to day lives, the hustle and bustle lifestyle has weighed us down to the point that it isn’t a thought to evangelize sinners. (2) That we don’t have love like Christ had. I would like to try and tackle reason number one then conclude with the second reason.

                First: Christ sought after sinners because they were the ones in need of saving. You wouldn’t run into a pool and try to rescue a perfectly swimming adult as quick as you would if it were a troubled child would you? He looked for those who looked for a better alternative. We need to look for those who want saving, and pray for those who think they are the savior. He asked Levi in Mark 5 to follow him and he dropped everything and followed Christ.  When people feel as if they are perfect without saving they will cling to their things and will miss the amazing opportunity that is offered in dying to self and following Christ.

                Lastly: The Church is being just as effective as what makes it what it is; it’s members. We say we are Christians- Christ followers, little Christ’s- yet we act nothing like him. We are called to love like Christ. In John 15 verse 12 it says clearly, “This is My command: Love one another as I have loved you.” Do we love others as Christ loved us? (If you don’t know just how much Christ loves you please ask me!) He follows with saying that no greater love than that of one who lays down his life for another. I know I don’t love sinners, shoot even people in general that much. But we have to; it has been commanded to us. So when we love like Christ we are able to see people the way Christ sees people. We will start to do away with hypocrisy in the Church and we can stand as a Loving body of believers who may dislike, even hate the sin, but yet love the sinners… Like Christ loves the sinners.

                It is a tough process and one that I am nowhere near getting to the end result, but I am constantly asking God to give me his heart to Love those who He loves the way he loves them. I am pretty confident, not in myself but in my God. This is why, “Whatever you ask the father in My name, he will give you”- vs. 16. If this is your Desire then ask God and It will be given to you.


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